New Zealand's Premier Artificial Intelligence Event

Wednesday March 28th, 2018. ASB Waterfront Theatre. Auckland.


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AI-DAY is New Zealand's Premier Artificial Intelligence Event proudly presented by the AI Forum NZ and

AI-DAY is a full day conference at the amazing ASB Waterfront Theatre in Auckland's Wynyard Quarter.

This event is for leaders in every sector, the Instigators of Change keen to learn how AI will impact their organisation and the world around them.


The AI-DAY Program


The Opportunity Is Now

8.45 - 10.15

With Artificial Intelligence technology widely available today, we'll explore the opportunities, how they could impact your business, customer experiences and workforce productivity.


Developing Capability

10.45 - 12.15

Developing your capability starts here. learning about AI, the possibilities, technology, skill sets, developing partnerships and identifying business opportunities to apply AI.



12.15 - 1.15

Grab a picnic box from Urban Gourmet and park up in the sun and meet your fellow attendees.


Impact On Society

1.15 - 2.45

As AI technology impacts business and our lives the impact on society becomes increasingly significant. This session will explore the social, ethical and legal issues facing our community as a result.


The Future Is Exhilarating!

3.30 - 5.00

While AI is accessible today the future promises a challenging and exciting period of change. So what's coming and how will it impact your organisation, customers and the world around you?



5.00 - 6.30

Join us for AI Chats, Networking, Drinks and Music in the foyer to wrap up the day. Afterwards attendees are welcome to join us at the Conservatory Bar on Wynyard Quarter to continue the conversations.


AI-DAY Speakers

Stay tuned for more local and international speaker announcements soon.




The Venue

ASB Waterfront Theatre

138 Halsey Street

Wynyard Quarter



Date & Time

Thursday 28th March, 2018.

8am - 6pm



Ben Reid - executive Director - AI Forum NZ

027 344 6808 |




Justin Flitter - Founder -

027 2655 288 |

Twitter @ JustinFlitter | LinkedIn / Justinflitter