The RE:Scam Bot by Netsafe

Introducing Re:scam – an artificially intelligent email bot made to reply to scam emails. Re:scam wastes scammers time with a never-ending series of questions and anecdotes so that scammers have less time to pursue real people.

If you think you’ve received a scam email, forward it to and we’ll take it from there. We’ll even send you a transcript of the conversations Re:scam has had with the scammer – sometimes they can be quite funny! Please note, this can take a while as the bot is designed to reply to the scammer at varying times to appear natural – it may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few days to reply to the scammer each time.

What is Re:scam?

Re:scam is an initiative aimed at helping people from becoming fraud victims by occupying the time and resources of scammers through deploying a well-educated artificially intelligent chat bot. Instead of junking or deleting a scam email, you can now forward it to Re:scam who will continue the conversation indefinitely – or until the scammer stops replying.

Re:scam can take on multiple personas, imitating real human tendencies with humour and grammatical errors, and can engage with infinite scammers at once, meaning it can continue an email conversation for as long as possible. Re:scam will turn the table on scammers by wasting their time, and ultimately damage the profits for scammers.

Re:scam in its first week:

  • Total number of forward scam emails Re:scam has received 72,261k
  • Re:scam video has had 380k views
  • Website has had 205k unique page views
  • Currently having thousands of simultaneous conversations with scammers around the globe
  • Check out some of the hilarious conversations Re:scam is having here:
  • Analysed forwarded scams to identify emerging trends and draw awareness to popular scams being circulated such as Conference, Bitcoin, Package delivery & Russian Brides scams
  • Re:scam has been able to identify and intercept victims of phishing scams, with Netsafe personally following up and offering confidential advice and further support